About our Clinic

The Lymphedema & Wound Care Institute founded in 1989, was the first lymphedema center in the Houston area. Since that time we have developed a strong satellite program with numerous out-patient rehab centers throughout the Houston and surrounding area.

Our Manual Lymph Drainage therapists are Vodder and Foldi certified, licensed by the State of Texas and trained by the Boston School of Advanced Compression, the Norton School of Lymphedema Management, the American Academy of Lymphatic Studies and the Southwest Institute for Advanced Compression.

Our clinical pathways were carefully researched and developed by our staff at the University of Texas Hermann Hospital, and clinical trials performed over the years have shown to support clinical efficacy.

Our company provides the most comprehensive lymphedema management program in the country and is a full service lymphedema management out-patient rehabilitation center that provides evaluation, treatment, home therapy, compression supplies, compression stockings and sleeves and durable medical equipment for the lymphedema patient.

We here at the Lymphedema & Wound Care Institute take pride in being the leader in the lymphedema therapy industry.