Welcome to the Lymphedema Institute   What is Lymphedema?

The Lymphedema & Wound Care Institute founded in 1989, was the first lymphedema center in the Houston area. Since that time we have developed a strong satellite program with numerous out-patient rehab centers throughout the Houston and surrounding area.

Our Manual Lymph Drainage therapists are Vodder and Foldi certified, licensed by the State of Texas and trained by the Boston School of Advanced Compre...



Lymphedema is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in the interstitial tissue that causes swelling, most often in the arm(s) and/or leg(s), and occasionally other parts of the body. Lymphedema develops when lymphatic vessels are missing or impaired (primary), or when lymph vessels are damaged or lymph nodes are removed (secondary).

Common Symptoms of Lymphedema;

•  Chronic swelling
•  A heavy swollen limb
•  Localized fluid accumulation in other body areas     including the head or neck
•  Discoloration of skin overlying the lymphedema
•  Deformity (elephantiasis)
•  Severe fatigue

Where are We Located?

We have eleven Houston area locations as well as locations in Austin & Beaumont. Please call to schedule an appointment.


To schedule an appointment, please contact Central Scheduling @ 713-665-0509